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I’ve included links to people and recommended books that have inspired me on my journey back to voice-over work and generally in life. For me, it’s important to remember that I can’t do anything alone. I recognize that anything I do well is due to being connected to the source of creation and being inspired and assisted by others. I am deeply grateful for the people and their gifts on this list, and to you for visiting. I hope you will check them out in hopes that you too can be positively affected by them and consider their services. This list will expand over time as will my influencers.


Voice Actor/Entrepreneur who graciously mentored me on his entrepreneurial business model.

Voice Actor/Entrepreneur/Coach who gave a holistic “Business of Voice-Over” webinar through the Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group

Voice Actor/Copywriter/Engineer/Voice Coach and Guide of the Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group.

This got me to some amazing people and classes.

Creates audio versions of printed materials making reading available to all regardless of vision loss or learning differences.

Marketer/Voice Actor/Blogger who is a very kind “accountabilibuddy” for me, ready to start his career in advertising/marketing in client service.

Radio Personality/Voice Actor/Voice Coach and my mentor, coach and cheerleader.

Bi-lingual Creative Director/Copywriter/Producer/Voice Actor who has been a kind cheerleader for my voice-over endeavors.

An inspiring group effort of female voice actors I would like to be a part of one day.

Voice Actor/Writer/Director who inspired me with her award-winning script for the film “In a World.”

Writer/Publicist/Completing Studies in Clinical Pastoral Education who inspires me with her friendship, talents, and following her higher purpose.

Dream Architect/Life Coach/Trainer who I met through LeanIn Dallas, coached me in eWomen Network, and who connected me to Melissa Evans, Implementation Guru.

Guru of Implementation. I attended her workshop Live Rich. Spread Wealth. Her great book is listed below.

Principal of Wolfe Marketing and small business marketer who inspires me through her friendship, talents and developed my original WordPress Site. She’s also my entrepreneur “accountabilibuddy.”

eWomen Network Founder who inspires me with her experiences and created an amazing network of women entrepreneurs who are coaching me.

Creative Director/Graphic Designer who designed this current Adobe Muse Site. An amazing creative talent in many areas (stay tuned for his own new site design) and the most supportive, giving and inspiring husband a woman could hope for.

Who reminds me to ask for what I want. He was inspired by this site and wanted me to post it to inspire others about acting and theaters. Thank you, Jack!


(Any and all books - audio, print, DVD's and Meditation CD's by Dr. Dyer)