Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with meaning.


I’m ever-evolving through study and practice and I’m both self-directed and direct able, so don’t count me out if you're not hearing the read or tone you’re listening for in my demos. I’m happy to do a custom audition anytime for your project, just click CONTACT to send me a script and information regarding your needs and I’ll be in touch right away. I appreciate your consideration. Click on the ABOUT page for more information.


My “straight announcer” sweet spot stays mainly in the 4 P's: professional, personable, pleasant and/or perky, and can range from teen/20’s to Mom to mature/elderly. Tonally, I am very flexible, and can do anything from fun to flirty to smiley or sarcastic—and I think I’m particularly good at sensual, for really appetizing food descriptions.


For technical projects, I can go precise, articulate, smooth and professional. I can be approachable, friendly, upbeat and conversational for narrations, industrials, documentaries, presentations, and more. Need something in a serious tone? Seriously, I can do that.